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If you or a loved one, or a pet, suffer from cataracts, you might not realise that there is a successful alternative to surgery. The alternative is Ethos Products Bright Eyes Drops - Cataract Treatment, which were tested on the Richard & Judy Channel 4 TV programme and shown to be amazingly effective.
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Here at Ethos Products we will supply you with cutting edge alternative medicines and complementary health supplements, from Ethos Products. Ethos Products concentrate on a small selection of high quality and very effective alternatives and supplements which are available only via the Internet. We supply clients Worldwide, with most of the Ethos Products range, at cost effective postal rates. Anything we don't stock can be obtained directly from

Bright Eyes DropsEthos Products have been at the forefront of the fight against cataracts in humans and animals, since their revolutionary Bright Eyes drops were tested on British television, with remarkable results. You can visit the links alongside this column, to see a clip from the television show or to read some of the many published articles written about their Bright Eyes Drops cataract treatment.

Vital Health CarnosineOn this web site you will also be able to read about other Ethos products, such as their Vital Health Carnosine, this product started Ethos Products on the road to marketing simple eye drops to treat cataracts, when it was discovered that its special body cell rejuvenating properties, not only reduced ageing effects but helped improve eyesight.

Bright Eyes AMD CapsulesYou will learn about Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and the Ethos Products' AMD Capsules that help fortify macular pigment density and provide natural protection against macular degeneration, by supplementing the carotenoids found in the retina of the eye. No other product has proved to be so effective.

Bright Eyes Eye DropsThen there are the new Super Capsules, with Bilberry and Marigold extract to bolster the naturally produced zeaxanthin and lutein, increasing the macular pigment density and reducing AMD risk. Another capsule to help protect against macular degeneration, with the added bonus of improved night vision for those who have to drive after dark.

Vital Health PhytoplanktonYou will discover the truly astonishing range of health benefits attached to the use of Organic Marine Phytoplankton which not only contains vital trace minerals, but also hundreds of potent phytochemicals that work in synergy to protect your body's tissues, detoxify your blood, enhance oxygenation and reverse abnormal cell divisions, which can lead to cancer and many other severe and debilitating illnesses.

Synarginine+The latest addition to the Ethos Products range is their nitric oxide boosting Synarginine+, in capsule form, which supplements the whole cardiovascular system. The benefits include control of blood pressure and increased blood flow which can lead to additional endurance, faster recovery after exercise and the improvement of sexual stamina. Reports of benefits to Type 2 Diabetes sufferers have been very encouraging.


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