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CATARACTS - A Global Problem

If you or a loved one, or a pet, suffer from cataracts, you might not realise that there is a successful alternative to surgery. The alternative is Ethos Products Bright Eyes Drops - Cataract Treatment; a simple course of eye drops which were tested on British Television and shown to be amazingly effective.

Cataracts are a major problem globally with 17 million people around the world blind because of them with thousands of new cases being reported every day. Approximately 25% of the population over 65 and about 50% of the over 80's, have a serious loss of vision due to cataracts. At any one time in the UK alone, there are over 500,000 people awaiting cataract surgery and the figures for the rest of Europe are frightening. One leading London Hospital carries out between 250 and 500 cataract operations a week. The backlog is proving to be such a problem, that Cataract Units are being drafted in from abroad to help address this very worrying situation. Not before time then, that we can now treat cataracts with a simple to administer eye drop.

How To See Clearly Again
With Ethos Bright Eyes Drops

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Could this mean an end to Cataract Surgery?

Cataract Eye DropsThis revolutionary new treatment for cataracts has been gaining in popularity since it was featured in the UK on the Richard & Judy Television Show, with amazing results. The manufacturers claim "This could mean an end to cataract surgery." The product, called Ethos Bright Eyes, uses a special derivative of the naturally occurring neuropeptide L-Carnosine, called N-Acetyl-L-Carnosine, a super antioxidant and anti-glycating agent. When instilled with a specially formulated eye drop, NALC can penetrate and protect the lipid tissues of the eye against light damage and also helps to diminish free radical damage and the harmful effects of glycosylation, which is associated with degenerative eye disease.

Articles in the Daily Mail and Dog World, along with answers to readers questions in the Daily Mirror and Dogs Today have helped spread the word about Bright Eyes. Richard & Judy conducted a test on their Channel 4 TV show, prompting Judy to say “In December we featured a new treatment for cataracts (Ethos Bright Eyes), which is simply a lubricating eye drop that is claimed to reduce, or reverse, the effects of cataracts in six months without surgery. Well, only six weeks after we started the trial, we're already seeing some remarkable results.”

One of the clinical trials, carried out on 96 patients with cataracts of varying degrees of severity, showed a profound effect; with the effective rate being 100% on primary senile cataract and 80% for mature senile cataract over the 6 month trialCataract Eye Drops  period. Positive effects were also observed with other types of cataract. Another trial indicated an eye condition improvement of 41.5% to 100% for patients within a 6-month period, with sustainable results 24-months later.

Abstract from the report:
"Carnosine is an endogenous free-radical scavenger. The latest research has indicated that apart from the function of protecting cells from oxidation-induced stress damage, carnosine appears to be able to extend the lifespan of cultured cells, rejuvenate senescent cells, inhibit the toxic effects of amyloid peptide (Aß), malondialdehyde, and hypochlorite to cells, inhibit glycosylation of proteins and protein-DNA and protein-protein cross-linking, and maintain cellular homeostasis. Also, carnosine seems to delay the impairment of eyesight with ageing, effectively preventing and treating senile cataract and other age-related diseases." It follows therefore, that carnosine may be applied to humans and animals as an effective treatment against ageing.
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One box of genuine Ethos Products Bright Eyes Drops costs approximately €67 (EUR) or $90 (USD) and contains 2 x 5ml bottles which is a two to four weeks' supply when using the recommended amount of drops per day in each eye. Substantial savings are available with multi pack purchases. With the majority of people seeing positive results over a three to six month period, it is a relatively inexpensive course of treatment when you consider that a cataract operation costs approximately €2,500 (EUR) or $3,000 (USD) for one eye. Also, there can be a lengthy wait for the operation in countries with a public health service.
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